All you need to know about doing an MBA in France

In recent years, studying for an MBA in France has become increasingly popular with international students. The appeal of this European destination lies not only in its rich history and culture, but also in the world-class education it offers. This article is a comprehensive guide to getting an MBA in France, covering admission requirements, top … Lire plus

The 10 best cities for studying abroad in France


The 10 best cities for studying abroad in France Studying abroad in France opens up a world of opportunities and enriching experiences. Venturing across borders not only broadens academic horizons, but also provides a unique cultural immersion. However, your choice of study destination can have a significant impact on your experience. In this article, we’ll … Lire plus

How do I become a marketing researcher in France?

devenir chargé d'études marketing

The marketing researcher’s mission is to lay the foundations of a solid commercial project by conducting in-depth studies. He/she enables the company to adapt to the demands of consumers and to changes in the market. He/she conducts advertising campaigns and pilots the commercial strategy of a company. The marketing studies that he or she conducts … Lire plus

Careers for BTSA Nature Management and Protection (GPN) in France

After obtaining their BTSA in Nature Management and Protection (GPN), graduates can pursue careers in several fields related to nature management and the development of natural spaces and heritage. Employers in these fields are looking for profiles that master the management of spaces and resources, in accordance with the principles and values of sustainable development. … Lire plus

How to train in the agri-food industry in France?

The agri-food industry is an exciting sector with many professional opportunities. It allows you to participate in the production of foodstuffs from agriculture as well as their distribution to the greatest number of people. Would you like to work in this sector? We explain how to train for a career in the food industry! The … Lire plus

What jobs are available in accounting in France?

Are you considering studying accounting? It’s a great choice! This field has unique opportunities and attractive salaries! But before you take the plunge, you want to know more about career opportunities? Here’s some inspiration for you! Discover the opportunities in accounting!Before taking an accounting course, it is essential to have chosen your profession! This is … Lire plus

Working in human resources in France: what studies?

Human resources have evolved significantly in recent years. Originally a simple administrative function based on data and figures, HR is now fully integrated into corporate strategies. It is now focused on the human aspect, especially since the health crisis inherent to Covid-19. By choosing a career in human resources, you will have access to numerous … Lire plus

What are the opportunities with an MSc Financial Expert in France?

ecole finance

The Master of Science (MSc) Financial Expert is a diploma accessible after 3, 4 or 5 years of higher education, which enables you to acquire the skills necessary for your future positions of responsibility in the field of corporate finance. This program offers a program of excellence with an international focus, but it is also … Lire plus

Which training to become a sommelier in France?


The sommelier is a job directly linked to the hotel and restaurant industry. The holder of this position is a wine specialist whose main mission is to advise customers on the wines to be consumed during a meal. He/she is also in charge of managing the cellar and is responsible for the wine list of … Lire plus

What to do with an MBA in France?

Etudiante grande école

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a professional and internationally oriented course of study designed to improve your career opportunities on the national and international markets. Often offered by Business Schools, MBAs are based on the American model and consist of general courses, such as accounting and finance, and specialties, such as marketing and … Lire plus