What are the opportunities with an MSc Financial Expert in France?

ecole finance

The Master of Science (MSc) Financial Expert is a diploma accessible after 3, 4 or 5 years of higher education, which enables you to acquire the skills necessary for your future positions of responsibility in the field of corporate finance. This program offers a program of excellence with an international focus, but it is also … Lire plus

What to do with an MBA in France?

Etudiante grande école

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a professional and internationally oriented course of study designed to improve your career opportunities on the national and international markets. Often offered by Business Schools, MBAs are based on the American model and consist of general courses, such as accounting and finance, and specialties, such as marketing and … Lire plus

Which training to work in digital in France?

métiers du digital

In recent years, the digital sector has experienced unprecedented growth. This dynamic, boosted by the large-scale digitization of the business world, has created a crying need for specialized executives. But how can you take advantage of the tremendous job opportunities offered by digital technology? And what are the courses to follow after high school in … Lire plus

What is an MBA?

un chapeau lors d'une remise des diplomes MBA

MBA (Master of Business Administration), this training aims to provide numerous skills in management, then a global vision of the company. It prepares candidates for management positions or helps them create their own company. The MBA has established itself as a key to success in terms of professionalization. Indeed, it is a career gas pedal … Lire plus

What international students need to know about studying in France

études en France

More and more foreign students are choosing France for their higher education. Studying in France not only allows you to discover the local culture, but also to obtain internationally recognized degrees and to benefit from a great work experience in Europe, which will be a major asset on your CV. Do I need to speak … Lire plus

Why learn French in Montpellier?

apprendre le francais a montpellier

You want to learn French in a fantastic university town. You want to study French in the south of France under the Mediterranean sun with a mild climate all year round. Enjoy an immersion stay in France. Learn French in Montpellier, in the south of France! A vibrant and exciting university city Montpellier is a … Lire plus