What is an MBA?

MBA (Master of Business Administration), this training aims to provide numerous skills in management, then a global vision of the company. It prepares candidates for management positions or helps them create their own company. The MBA has established itself as a key to success in terms of professionalization. Indeed, it is a career gas pedal and allows students to deepen their managerial skills in law, management, taxation and finance, among others.

A multicultural training in France

This training is carried out in a multicultural and multilingual environment, with teachers of several nationalities and most of the courses taught in English. Thus, the diploma is obtained in an international context, and this makes it possible to respond to what companies are regularly looking for: individuals with a good capacity to adapt to different world markets.

Years of experience before entering an MBA

It is advisable to enter a Master of Business Administration program in an established professional context. Indeed, the content of the training leads to situations encountered in professional life. The program includes lectures in finance and economics, followed by more professional courses, known as « electives », taught by various profiles, such as executives or consultants.

How much does an MBA cost in France?

Getting into an MBA requires a certain investment cost, and the more renowned the program, the more expensive it will be. Indeed, MBAs with a worldwide reputation cost around 50,000 euros. This amount is justified by the salaries of the lecturers and professors, which are adapted to their worldwide reputation, not to mention the fees for the services offered by the institutions.

Most applicants are forced to pay the fees themselves, and as a result, many schools are seeing a decline in recruitment due to lack of funding. In addition to tuition fees, there are also accommodation costs. As a result, many MBAs, including MBA Paris, offer financial aid. There are also formulas with different rhythms, it is possible to opt for a part-time rhythm depending on the school, this gives the possibility to those who want to work, to benefit from a salary, while following the training.

It is important to know that the time to invest in an MBA is important. It is therefore advisable to be organized, to have the ability to synthesize, and to stay informed of what is happening in the world from an economic point of view.