What to do with an MBA in France?

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a professional and internationally oriented course of study designed to improve your career opportunities on the national and international markets. Often offered by Business Schools, MBAs are based on the American model and consist of general courses, such as accounting and finance, and specialties, such as marketing and communication. This type of training, which is taught in English, offers great professional prospects to students who choose this type of higher education. So, what job can I do after an MBA?

The business world

Doing an MBA in France, like the one offered by ABS Paris, offers great professional opportunities, especially in the business world. Internationally recognized, the MBA ensures that the company that recruits you has an excellent level of language skills, as well as specialized skills in management, administration and marketing. Moreover, the MBA promotes both personal and professional development, so it is synonymous for the person who hires you with an innovative, talented and curious spirit.

With an MBA in hand, you show that you have solid hard and soft skills, which will allow you to obtain a position of responsibility. Indeed, throughout your studies, you have benefited from theoretical and practical training, which is a real boon for your future employers.

You can become :

  • product manager ;
  • project manager ;
  • HR director;
  • consultant in an auditing firm;
  • management controller;
  • student with computer.

Entrepreneurship in France

Having an MBA means that you have both organizational soft skills and hard skills in management, communication and marketing. This general knowledge allows you to start your own business. The MBA has, in fact, provided you with all the keys to succeed on your own.

Moreover, this degree also gives you greater credibility with banks and partners when financing your project.

Working in major cities in France

After completing your MBA, in France or abroad, the ideal is to find a position of responsibility in a large city that will meet your salary requirements. Working in Paris, for example, is a perfect solution for those who wish to manage teams in the fashion or international business fields. The City of Light offers a plethora of job opportunities for MBA graduates, as it is a city, and a capital, that is internationally oriented!