Which training to work in digital in France?

In recent years, the digital sector has experienced unprecedented growth. This dynamic, boosted by the large-scale digitization of the business world, has created a crying need for specialized executives.

But how can you take advantage of the tremendous job opportunities offered by digital technology? And what are the courses to follow after high school in France? Here’s how to find out!

BTS and DUT: short, professional courses in France

BTS and DUT courses are mainly intended for students looking to enter the job market quickly. The professionalizing nature of these two programs means that students quickly acquire the skills needed to hold technical positions in the digital sector.

Accessible after a scientific or technological Baccalaureate STI2D, the BTS and DUT in digital technology are offered in universities or specialized schools and come in several types such as:

  • BTS NDRC (Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relations): a course designed to train profiles specialized in the digital management of customer relations. It also promotes the learning of digital techniques for prospecting and customer follow-up.
  • BTS SIO (IT services for organizations): this training is divided into two distinct options (system and network infrastructure solutions and software solutions). The first trains technicians specialized in the administration of computer networks, while the second is devoted to web and mobile application developers.
  • BTS Graphic Design: this is a program that aims to train qualified graphic designers. They can work in web or visual communication agencies.
  • DUT STID (Statistics and decisional computing): professional training for future data managers and statistical developers.

Licence and Bachelor’s degree: a broader education in France

After your BTS or DUT in digital technology, you can continue your university career by enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree. In one additional year of study, these courses offer you the possibility of acquiring a broader knowledge while being prepared to enter the job market very quickly.

Among the most popular Bachelor’s degrees for digital enthusiasts are

  • Bachelor Digital Project Manager: a course that trains executives in web and mobile development. The focus is also on managerial skills that allow students to lead a team of specialized technicians in order to carry out digital projects from start to finish.
  • Bachelor’s degree in digital marketing: this program favors the acquisition of specialized knowledge in digital technologies, marketing, business, management, etc.

Master: in-depth knowledge

If your professional project is based on acquiring in-depth knowledge in digital marketing and direct access to positions of responsibility, a Master’s degree in digital marketing is the best option to explore.

This 5-year degree program promotes the acquisition of in-depth knowledge of the digital world. Among the modules taught we can mention :

  • UX design ;
  • digital communication
  • Community management
  • Search engine optimization ;
  • operational marketing ;
  • big data, etc.

Work-study programs: how to combine student life and working life

By joining a digital training program on a sandwich course, you benefit from a perfect combination of theoretical courses and professional experience in a company. During your internship, you are accompanied by seasoned professionals who not only supervise you, but also teach you more about the requirements of the professional field.

In addition, you have the same rights and benefits as other employees of the company where you are doing your internship. Remuneration, paid vacations, etc. In short, it is a real immersion in the work environment that significantly increases your employability. You still need to choose the French digital school that offers quality training that is in line with the needs of the job market.