Employment: these 3 work-study programs are a hit!

A real springboard to employment, work-study programs are becoming increasingly popular. Combining theoretical learning and work in a company, it offers students an interesting professional integration that boosts their employability over time. The latest official figures provided by the Ministry of Education indicate that there were 448,000 apprentices as of December 31, 2018, including 180,000 in higher education, an increase of 4.2% compared to 2017. Today, routedesmetiers.com has chosen to present 3 work-study programs that are a hit in the business management field.

#1 Après Bac : BTS Operational Sales Management

Accessible to all high school graduates, the BTS Commercial Management is one of the most popular programs among young people. In fact, due to the large number of applications received, the schools that offer it require the presentation of an academic file before taking a test and an oral interview. Formerly known as the BTS MUC (Management of Commercial Units), this training lasts two years and is given at a rate of two to three days of classes per week, followed by two or three days of actual work in a company. At the end of this course, the young graduates will have developed interesting assets:

  • Group work ;
  • Team management ;
  • Skills in commercial actions;
  • Customer relationship management.

Thus, they have the possibility of integrating the professional environment, through several functions:

  • customer advisor ;
  • sales animator
  • Head of department;
  • marketing assistant ;
  • etc.

#2 After Bac+2: human resources administration officer

The one-year Human Resources Administration Officer training program prepares students to assume various responsibilities within an HR department. Practical and based on the field, this training consists of 3 weeks of internships and one week of classes each month, with the main goal of quickly training future graduates in a wide range of HR jobs (trainer, payroll manager, HR assistant, etc.). The latter will thus be able to ensure :

  • mastering the various HRIS (Human Resources Management Information Systems) ;
  • intermediation between the board of directors and the employees
  • the management of day-to-day administrative matters
  • the planning of training courses;
  • etc.

The curriculum includes generic modules directly related to the entrepreneurial environment and other more technical modules for the mastery of computer tools and software.

#3 Bac+5: the Professional Master’s in Management Finance in a work-study program

This Bac+5 program in Financial Management aims to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. Indeed, by following this path, students will be able to lead projects, manage teams, analyze financial and accounting documents and define a financial strategy accordingly. Once again, this is a practice-oriented program, with only 6 days of theoretical instruction per month. The modules taught include:

  • languages and cultures ;
  • information technology
  • project management
  • financial management
  • Marketing.

Young graduates will thus acquire a solid knowledge base that will make them perfectly eligible for high responsibility jobs after a few years of experience (financial director, management controller, auditor, etc.). Of course, the list of work-study programs mentioned above is not exhaustive. Other courses covering different fields are available. It’s up to you!