How do I become a marketing researcher in France?

The marketing researcher’s mission is to lay the foundations of a solid commercial project by conducting in-depth studies. He/she enables the company to adapt to the demands of consumers and to changes in the market. He/she conducts advertising campaigns and pilots the commercial strategy of a company. The marketing studies that he or she conducts are essential to adapting products and services to customer needs and increasing sales. The recruitment needs for this promising job are, to say the least, considerable. Find out more about it.

The main missions of the marketing research managern in France

The marketing research manager can work as an employee, but he can also pursue his career as a freelancer. In the company, he/she is entrusted with numerous missions of great importance. It is up to them to collect the information needed to analyze and decipher consumer expectations before launching a product, a product line or a service. He/she is required to test advertising campaigns, product packaging, etc. Because of the transversality of this job, it is in demand in many different sectors.

This professional is an expert in the collection, analysis and exploitation of data intended to develop a commercial strategy. He or she conducts studies to better understand the buying behaviors and consumption trends of consumers. His or her keen sense of analysis enables him or her to determine with precision the qualitative or quantitative analysis method best suited to a given catchment area. He/she is expected to master the various data collection techniques (satisfaction surveys, questionnaires, interview grids, etc.) in order to carry out this mission successfully.

At the end of this work, he/she is required to inform his/her employer of the results by sending him/her a detailed report including, among other things, recommendations likely to increase the sales of products or services. They work closely with other professionals to help management make business decisions.

What training do I need to become a marketing researcher in France?

To work as a marketing researcher, candidates must have a degree in marketing or business and a 5-year college diploma. Recruiters also appreciate graduates with a degree in economics, statistics, communication, etc. The marketing researcher is a graduate of a university or a business school.

Business school students must have a specialization in marketing (bac +4 or bac +5). This is a training that corresponds perfectly to the job of marketing research manager. To follow this course in business school, it is preferable to integrate a preparatory class, but it is also possible to opt for this training after the baccalaureate.

Profiles from an engineering school offering courses related to marketing, or from a political studies institute (IEP) offering training programs with a marketing option, can also apply for this job after graduation.

What is the salary of a marketing researcher in France?

Marketing researchers at the beginning of their career can earn a gross annual salary of between €37,000 and €40,000. After several years of experience, salaries can range from €45,000 to €55,000.

Marketing research manager: what career development?

Graduates with no experience generally have no problem occupying this position and moving on to jobs with greater responsibility after 5 years of experience in the same position. These positions include:

  • marketing manager;
  • sales manager ;
  • advertising manager ;
  • product manager.

The most ambitious profiles may found their own marketing consulting firm to offer consulting services to companies.