How to become a journalist in France

The profession of journalism consists of researching and transmitting information in a neutral manner. This profession encompasses different media, namely television, radio, press and the web. To practice this profession requires a deep general culture and an exceptional quality of writing. Fortunately, there are different ways to train to become the profile of the typical journalist that is in demand today.

Are you interested in the field of journalism? Read our tips for becoming a journalist today.

Why become a journalist in France?

If you are passionate about writing and investigating, then journalism is the profession for you. The field of journalism includes many different types of jobs such as:

  • Freelancer;
  • Editor-in-Chief;
  • Investigative journalist;
  • Reporter;
  • Web journalist;
  • Sports journalist;
  • Editorial writer.

Journalism is full of events to follow and transmit, it also allows you to be mobile and to play a real role in the dissemination of fair and legitimate information to the public.

What are the journalist’s missions?

The journalist has to carry out different missions in order to find the most verified information and then transmit it, while following the editorial instructions of the media for which he/she works. Thus, in his daily tasks, he will have to go through :

  • The proposal of interesting subjects to treat;
  • The preparation of interviews;
  • The most relevant angle to approach;
  • The collection of information;
  • Writing before broadcasting.

Journalism schools teach students all of these steps to follow during their training so that they are able to follow them in their professional careers.

What training is available in France?

One of the most effective ways to become a journalist is to go to a journalism school, as the profiles of graduates are closely scrutinized by recruiters. The BTS or DUT specialized in journalism or communication are also interesting choices in terms of studies. Finally, another possibility is to go through university, in professional licenses or specialized in journalism or communication.