Careers for BTSA Nature Management and Protection (GPN) in France

After obtaining their BTSA in Nature Management and Protection (GPN), graduates can pursue careers in several fields related to nature management and the development of natural spaces and heritage. Employers in these fields are looking for profiles that master the management of spaces and resources, in accordance with the principles and values of sustainable development. Discover our overview of nature management and protection jobs.

Ecological engineering technician in France

This field profession is accessible with a BTSA in Nature Management and Protection (GPN). It aims to protect and restore natural environments and works to preserve biodiversity through better management. To do this, the ecological engineering technician carries out manual work, using mechanical equipment. He analyzes the ecosystems on a territory and conducts actions and technical management operations aimed at enhancing spaces and species and restoring environments degraded by human activities. He/she is also responsible for organizing and supervising a team, both in space and time, and for ensuring that the deadlines for the completion of the work sites entrusted to him/her are met.

Nature warden in France

This job consists in monitoring and protecting the natural, cultural and landscape heritage of a territory. The nature warden, or ecoguard, raises awareness, informs and contributes to the improvement of public knowledge. He participates in the implementation of the management plan and scientific monitoring of the territory he manages. As a guard, he/she is responsible for ensuring a daily presence on the site, in order to fully play his/her role as an interface with the public and other stakeholders visiting the site. In addition, this professional is required to carry out scientific monitoring and inventories, and to provide data and photographs. He/she also participates in the drafting of scientific documents and impact studies, etc.

Animator-nature in France

He/she accompanies, supervises and leads groups of visitors and makes them aware of nature and environmental issues. He or she organizes field trips and visits to raise public awareness of nature protection issues and pass on knowledge in an attractive and original way. The nature coordinator implements communication tools and educational activities. He/she leads awareness-raising and discovery activities dedicated to the protection of the environment, for the benefit of various audiences. He/she plays an important role in the enhancement of the territory, as well as in the preservation of diversity, through awareness and discovery operations in natural environments.

Technical agent of the environment in France

The technical agent of the environment can choose among three specialties, namely: protected areas, wildlife, or aquatic environments. He/she carries out actions of surveillance, management, development and enhancement of the natural heritage. It also ensures, also, actions of monitoring, management, development and enhancement of natural heritage. It is his responsibility to ensure that regulations are respected and to take action to prevent infractions. To do this, he/she monitors the territory under his/her responsibility. This professional is also required to inform and advise the public in order to better deal with environmental issues.

River technician in France

In a community or company, the river technician’s role is to design, program and monitor restoration, maintenance or development work on rivers and riparian forests. He also provides technical advice on the management and conservation of aquatic environments. He is often called upon to assist local and territorial elected officials in the implementation of strategies and management plans for rivers, aquatic environments, watersheds, etc. He defines management and maintenance programs for waterways, taking into consideration economic, ecological and social issues.