The job of sales manager in France

The job of a sales manager consists of proposing to the management of a company different strategies for the development of its products, the objective of which is to increase its turnover. He/she must also set sales objectives and act as an intermediary between the operational units and the General Management. To do this, he/she is responsible for the animation and coordination of the team of employees. In short, it is up to him to orchestrate the company’s sales strategy.

If this job appeals to you, find below all the information you need to know to get there.

Required skills

To become a sales manager, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of the company’s sector of activity for which you decide to work. He/she must also master the tasks related to competitive intelligence, and in general, he/she must be able to judge whether the company’s commercial strategy is effective and works, and if not, he/she must be able to suggest others. And finally, as a spokesperson, a good level of English is required, if not indispensable, to successfully complete a project. This knowledge is developed in the context of a sales manager training program.

What training is available in France?

There are many ways to become a sales manager. This profession is accessible following training as a sales manager, in the form of a BTS, within the framework of business schools or grandes écoles, then in a bachelor’s degree. However, it is also possible to access it via a master in marketing. It is important to know that it is not easy to get directly to this position, as it is generally necessary to have a certain number of years of experience before getting there.

What are the prospects for advancement?

After a few years of working as a sales manager, it is possible to move up to the position of sales manager or branch manager.

What is the salary in France?

The gross monthly salary for a position as a sales manager varies according to the employee’s level of experience, but on average it is over 5,000 euros.