What are the opportunities with an MSc Financial Expert in France?

The Master of Science (MSc) Financial Expert is a diploma accessible after 3, 4 or 5 years of higher education, which enables you to acquire the skills necessary for your future positions of responsibility in the field of corporate finance. This program offers a program of excellence with an international focus, but it is also a professional program with internships and the possibility of following it in a sandwich course. We suggest you discover the characteristics of the MSc Expert Financier as well as the professional opportunities that it makes accessible.

The characteristics of the MSc Financial Expert in France

The MSc Financial Expert is a two-year program offered in a major school of finance which enables students to acquire the skills expected for their future position in finance. A financial expert must be able to design and implement strategic scenarios within the information system, manage management control, optimize the financing of the organization, apply regulations and evaluate the value of the company.

To do this, you will deepen your knowledge in various fields such as management control, auditing and consulting, internal control, risk management, corporate financial policy, in-depth accounting, human resources management, financial consolidation, criminal business law, etc. English in finance is also part of the program, as the MSc is indeed an internationally oriented program.

It is also possible to follow up to 12 months of internship in France as well as abroad. The MSc Financial Expert is a complete program that combines corporate strategy, technical financial expertise, new technologies and practical application in the field. At the end of the program, the MSc Expert Financier leads to the certified title Expert Financier registered in the RNCP at level 7.

What to do after an MSc Financial Expert in France?

Once you have graduated from an MSc Financial Expert, you have the possibility of continuing your studies in order to specialize, in particular with a Risk, Control and Compliance MBA or a Financial Equity Value MBA.

It is also possible to enter the world of work directly. The MSc Financial Expert allows you to access positions of responsibility within various sectors of activity, even if financial companies are the main recruiters. It is also possible to carry out your duties within a large company, a SME, a subsidiary, an auditing firm, an association, an NGO, etc.

There is a very wide range of professional opportunities and, as a graduate of an MSc Financial Expert, you can access the following positions

  • independent company director ;
  • financial analyst
  • financial auditor;
  • product manager ;
  • statutory auditor;
  • merger/acquisition advisor; budget controller
  • budget controller ;
  • financial advisor ;
  • administrative and financial manager ;
  • management control manager ;
  • risk manager ;
  • investment manager ;
  • treasurer ;
  • etc.

The MSc Financial Expert is thus a course that allows you to access positions of great responsibility in various fields of activity.