How to train in the agri-food industry in France?

The agri-food industry is an exciting sector with many professional opportunities. It allows you to participate in the production of foodstuffs from agriculture as well as their distribution to the greatest number of people. Would you like to work in this sector? We explain how to train for a career in the food industry!

The food processing sector in France

France is the second largest food industry in Europe with a turnover of 180 billion euros (2020). It has large groups that market products on a global scale, such as Danone, Nestle France and Lactalis. These companies are fiercely competitive and recruit many profiles each year.

The food industry offers many opportunities to those who wish to evolve in this constantly changing sector. Driven by a growing demand and innovations, the food industry is constantly developing. Companies need qualified profiles capable of managing innovative projects to meet new challenges. Between digitalization and ecological commitment, specialties are multiplying and new professions are emerging.

Agribusiness professions in France

The agri-food industry encompasses a wide variety of professions. With the industrialization of this sector, you can occupy management positions in order to organize the activity of companies. Jobs such as project manager, sector manager, network coordinator, for example, contribute to the optimization of the performance of agri-food companies.

In the same idea, managers are also sought after to ensure the financial health of companies and make strategic investments. Advisors, management controllers and financial analysts specialize in the agri-food industry. The same is true for the legal field, as the legislation concerning foodstuffs is strict. There is also a growing need for legal experts, researchers and even lawyers.

Finally, commerce is obviously an important branch of the food industry. Product managers, sales representatives and marketing managers work to make products known and increase the market share of companies.

IHEDREA’s training courses

With a view to training you in the agri-food industry, IHEDREA, the agri-management school, offers you courses specially designed to make your professional projects a reality.

Training courses up to Bac+5 will enable you to become an expert in the challenges of the agri-food industry and to embark on an exciting career. You will become a versatile manager, capable of initiating projects and participating in the evolution of the food industry.

During your training, you will learn all the specificities of this sector and to understand its challenges. Thanks to field experiences, you will develop numerous skills that will enable you to help companies achieve their objectives.

Do you want to learn about the food industry? Don’t hesitate and join IHEDREA! You will benefit from an exceptional quality of teaching and a large professional network! Training that prepares you to meet the challenges of the agricultural and agro-industrial world of tomorrow!