What jobs are available in accounting in France?

Are you considering studying accounting? It’s a great choice! This field has unique opportunities and attractive salaries! But before you take the plunge, you want to know more about career opportunities? Here’s some inspiration for you!

Discover the opportunities in accounting!
Before taking an accounting course, it is essential to have chosen your profession! This is what will allow you to select the exact path you want to follow. Below are several options available to you.

Accountant in France

An accountant is of course the first job that comes to mind when you think of the sector. His role is to follow the financial state of the company. He manages the general accounting of his structure and makes recommendations for a better financial management. Depending on the size of the company, he can have many responsibilities or, in the case of a large structure, have very specialized missions.

Chartered Accountant in France

The chartered accountant works in a company or in a specialized firm. They keep the company’s annual accounts and provide advice. It is a regulated profession and he must also certify the legality, accuracy and authenticity of the company’s accounts, its assets, its financial situation, etc. He is at the side of his clients or employers and makes recommendations for strategic decision making.

Treasurer in France

The treasurer is the guarantor of the good financial health of the structure that employs him. He/she ensures that the company is always able to meet its deadlines: salaries, taxes, monthly payments, etc. He monitors incoming and outgoing flows and makes recommendations. He/she participates in the creation of a financial strategy to finance the company’s activities and may suggest investment solutions.

Management Controller

The management controller is a professional whose role is to use the figures at his disposal (sales, expenses, purchases, etc.) to establish budget forecasts. He/she is responsible for verifying the proper implementation of the strategy and makes recommendations to management if he/she finds that the objectives are not being met. His objective is to ensure the profitability of his company.

Auditor in France

The statutory auditor (CAC) is a profession that is practiced on a freelance basis. His days are devoted to studying the accounts of a company to check their regularity. He gathers all the accounting documents and determines their veracity. He writes a report on his findings, which is submitted to the company’s board of directors. Any anomaly must be reported to the management, the shareholders, and even to the Public Prosecutor in the most serious cases.

Financial Director

The CFO is one of the most senior positions in the finance industry and is often the pinnacle of a career. It consists of making the most strategic decisions concerning the finances of the company. They base their decisions on the figures provided by the accounting and finance department.


An auditor, who may work internally or externally (with other companies, in the case of an auditing firm), has the role of studying a company’s accounts, financial and accounting operations, etc. to ensure their veracity and reliability. He also has an advisory role with the companies that call upon him.

Payroll manager in France

As the name suggests, the role of the payroll manager is to ensure the proper payment of salaries to employees. He/she must check the conformity of the pay slips, make sure that all elements have been taken into account (paid vacations, luncheon vouchers, sick leave, etc.). He/she is also attentive to employees’ questions about their pay slips.

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